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Worldwide development partner.
Original equipment supplier.
Headquartered in Germany.

ElringKlinger has focused its efforts on developing forward-looking green technologies. These are designed not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to scale back the level of harmful nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and soot particles.

ElringKlinger is one of the few automotive suppliers worldwide with the capabilities of developing and producing high-tech components for all types of drive system – whether for downsized combustion engines or for electric vehicles driven by batteries or fuel cells. Drawing on our expertise in lightweight engineering, we can make a decisive contribution to efforts aimed at further reducing vehicle weight and thus fuel consumption.

10,000 employees. 45 locations around the globe.

Applying our abilities as an innovator, we are committed to sustainable mobility and earnings-driven growth. These efforts are supported by our dedicated workforce of around 10,000 people at 45 ElringKlinger Group locations around the globe.

This is ElringKlinger Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Located in Ranjangaon (near Pune)
  • Official inauguration in 2008. Since then, EKIA has been growing rapidly at a compound annual growth rate of 30 percent. Owing to its rapid growth, the plant capacity has been doubled in 2015.
  • 400+ people are currently employed.
  • At ElringKlinger Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd., cylinder head- and speciality gaskets as well as shielding systems and plastic lightweight components are manufactured.
  • All major automobile manufacturers are served.

Products & Technologies

Innovative products. Emerging technologies.
Found in almost every car on the planet. 

Whether it is a matter of improving the combustion engine or developing e-mobility, ElringKlinger is one of just a few automotive suppliers with the necessary expertise to provide customized product solutions and engineering services for the drive technologies of the future.

We are a development partner and series supplier to almost all vehicle and engine manufacturers around the globe. In addition, our company offers a comprehensive, premium-quality range of spare parts for the independent aftermarket.

Cylinder head gaskets have made us famous, with components for lithium-ion batteries, we show that we have the future already in view. Our entire product portfolio is focused on one key issue: CO2 reduction. Whether high-temperature gaskets for downsized engines, lightweight plastic components and modules that save weight and fuel by replacing metals with polymers, or shielding systems designed for targeted thermal management – we have set our sights firmly on shaping the future of automotive engineering. 

Cylinder-head gaskets

Over 100 years of know-how.

Our company’s story began in 1879, when it started trading in gaskets and other technical products. Today, ElringKlinger is the leading supplier of cylinder-head gaskets.

Most of the world’s major automobile manufacturers put their trust in our exceptional quality and reliability. Cylinder-head gaskets play a key role in the ongoing refinement of engine technology, particularly for high-performance diesel engines and gasoline engines with direct fuel injection. Every year we produce around 30,000,000 cylinder-head gaskets worldwide. Our MetaloflexTM brand has made us the world’s largest manufacturer of metal layer cylinder-head gaskets. ElringKlinger offers the perfect sealing solution for every engine concept and the support of a highly efficient engineering service that accelerates the development process from original idea to production readiness.

Efficient. Reliable. Cost-effective. Custom-made.

Cylinder-head gaskets from ElringKlinger reliably prevent leakage of fuel gas, coolant and oil. Acting as a load transmission element between crankcase and cylinder head, they also have a considerable influence on the distribution of forces within the entire bracing system and the resulting elastic component deformations.

There is no standard solution for modern engines. The increasing demands call for an exact match between cylinder-head gasket and engine.
Cylinder-head gaskets produced by ElringKlinger are sophisticated components that are always customized to requirements. The technical superiority of our products is especially apparent in diesel engines and high-performance gasoline engines with direct fuel injection and is reflected in the following key features:

  • Metal technology
  • Flexible seal with beads for macro sealing
  • Elastomer coating for micro sealing
  • High thermal stability
  • Compensation of high dynamic sealing gap movement
  • Variable installed thicknesses, dead space minimization

For more information concerning our cylinder-head gaskets, please go to

Specialty gaskets

Extremely versatile. Extremely robust. Always a perfect fit.

Modern sealing systems have to be able to meet a number of challenges. ElringKlinger supplies highly efficient, tailor-made products designed for a wide range of sealing applications relating to engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and auxiliary aggregates. The material and design of each solution is always matched precisely to the specific tasks and requirements.

What is more, additional elements can be incorporated into ElringKlinger specialty gaskets where needed, e.g. heat shields, filters, sensors and pre-assembly components. Our pedigree of excellence is based on 136 years of hands-on knowledge in the field of gasket engineering.

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Shielding Systems

The areas of a vehicle that develop high temperatures call for an effective thermal shielding solution. In addition, noise protection standards are becoming more and more demanding.

In its capacity as technology leader and major supplier of shielding parts, ElringKlinger always has the right solution to meet any challenge within these areas. We develop sophisticated shielding solutions designed to help bring vehicles in line with increasingly stringent legal requirements worldwide.

ElroTherm™ shielding systems. Thermal and acoustic management for the entire vehicle.

The management of temperatures in modern vehicles is becoming increasingly complex. Tightly packed components, engine encapsulation, minimal cooling air flows, catalytic converter technology and exhaust gas turbochargers result in high temperatures in the engine compartment, across the exhaust system and within the area of the underbody. At the same time, there are a growing number of temperature-sensitive components that have to be protected from heat. The demands on shielding technology have been increasing along with the number of applications. Thermal and acoustic shielding systems help engine and exhaust systems to function safely and reliably. In the process, they also contribute to enhanced driving comfort and environmental protection.

ElroCoustic™ shielding systems. Sound solutions Lighter, quieter, better performance.

The requirements made of modern motor vehicles are becoming more and more demanding. Long gone are the days when all that mattered were emissions, fuel consumption and preservation of resources. Today, regulations governing traffic and ride noise, for instance, are equally stringent. In fact, EU committees are currently discussing significant reductions in noise thresholds for new cars – to become mandatory as of 2019.

The challenge for manufacturers and suppliers lies not only in reducing noise around the vehicle but also in the interior. The focus is on space-saving, lightweight and multifunctional shielding systems that can be seamlessly integrated into the vehicle design. The ElroCoustic™ systems developed by ElringKlinger are the perfect solution for all applications where the priority is noise reduction. The emphasis is on minimizing vibration noise from large components and suppressing intrinsic noise.

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Lightweight plastic components

Multifunctional, durable and efficient.

Industry requirements regarding functionality, safety, stability, environmental compatibility, design and comfort are exacting. With its comprehensive expertise in materials, processes and fabrication, ElringKlinger is in a position to meet this challenge. Drawing on many years of experience, we offer lightweight components for drive train and car body.

At ElringKlinger, intelligent lightweight design means:

  • Reduced material use
  • High cost-effectiveness
  • Integration of numerous functions
  • Function test of complete module
  • Improved NVH characteristics
  • Design freedom
  • Shorter development times
  • Safe, simple assembly
  • Recycling capability

The first lightweight plastic component went into serial production at ElringKlinger at the end of the 1990s. Today, we are producing around 10 million units a year – and this volume is set to grow.

Lightweight plastic components for car bodies. Made to be tough.

Modern vehicles have to meet very exacting requirements with regard to functionality, safety, stability, environmental compatibility, design and comfort. By systematically exploiting our comprehensive expertise in materials, processes and fabrication, we can also offer customized lightweight components for vehicle bodies. These include cockpit cross-car beams and front-end carriers made of polymer-metal hybrids, engine and transmission mounts in glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastics and structural components based on organo sheet technology.


Electrifying solutions – already in serial production.

The automotive industry is entering a new era, where energy and energy efficiency are taking center stage. Cost-conscious and environmentally aware consumers are calling for vehicles with lower fuel consumption and fewer emissions. Around the globe, exhaust gas standards to reduce CO2 emissions are becoming increasingly stringent, while there is a visible shift towards using electric cars in cities and densely populated areas.

In common with its other products, ElringKlinger is also offering reliability from a single source in the e-mobility sector, from initial idea through design and prototype construction, testing and validation to volume production.

Our expertise in components for energy storage systems

An efficient energy storage system is regarded as the key technology in efforts to develop a viable electric car. The goal is to achieve maximum output and charging capacity as well as absolutely reliable power supply. And, of course, it has to weigh as little as possible.

ElringKlinger is actively shaping the automotive technology of the future. Since early 2011 we have been producing high-performance cell contact systems in cost-efficient series production. We are also pressing ahead with the development of other commercially viable components for lithium-ion batteries and are constantly optimizing our processes as we move forward. Choice of material, design and bonding of the components are being tailored specifically to the requirements of our customers.

Fuel cell

Highly efficient solutions for tomorrow's mobility needs.

Industry experts are unanimous in their verdict that alongside battery technology the polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) marks a breakthrough in e-mobility. Provided that pure hydrogen is available, PEM fuel cell technology can be deployed effectively in all those areas of application in which low consumption and zero emission levels are an essential requirement. Boasting a range of company-developed fuel cell products, ElringKlinger offers innovative solutions tailored specifically to the challenges associated with stricter emission standards for conventional combustion engines and limited driving range in battery-powered vehicles.

Drawing on many years of experience as a supplier to the automotive industry, underpinned by fully automated processes in the areas of metalworking, plastic injection molding and joining/coating technology as well as automated assembly processes and in-house tool and mold making capabilities, ElringKlinger has established itself as a preferred partner for the cost-effective manufacture of fuel cell products in large quantities. At present, we are focusing on applications that are not dependent on the widespread supply of hydrogen. The emphasis here is on parts commonality and the integration of specific functions to deliver a thoroughly streamlined total cost of ownership. When it comes to production, we rely on tried and true processes, readily available technical solutions and partners/suppliers with a proven background in the industrial sector. We are able to supply automotive OEMs with an extensive range of components as well as premium-quality PEM fuel cell stacks – on request even with fully integrated system functionality. By providing innovative end-to-end solutions that encompass everything from in-house development through to manufacture, we aim to assist our customers in their pursuit of business excellence. 

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Elring spare parts

The success of the Elring spare parts brand is a testament to our innovatory prowess and expertise within the automotive original equipment market. We offer an extensive, market-focused range of gaskets, gasket sets and service parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles – available in over 140 countries. The Elring brand is synonymous with professional servicing of engines, transmissions, exhaust systems and auxiliary units.

For further information, please visit the Elring website:

Engineered Plastics

Engineered Plastics

Engineered for excellence – ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH

The tailor-made gaskets and components developed by our subsidiary ElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbH are used in a wide range of industrial applications such as chemical and equipment engineering, medical and laboratory technology, mechanical engineering and food technology. The materials used: high-performance PTFE, PTFE compounds and the newly developed thermoplastic material Moldflon™. For greater efficiency and better performance even in the toughest conditions.

For further information, please visit the website of ElringKlinger Engineered Plastics (external link).


Jobs & Career

ElringKlinger has developed into a global player. Around 10,000 employees at 45 locations worldwide contribute to our success. Do you want to be part of the success story? We are always looking for motivated employees in India.

EKIA – with a very young manpower – provides opportunities for training and development in an international environment, thereby encourages empowerment at very young age and growth opportunity.

Become part of a global team and start your career at a German automotive supplier!

What do we offer our employees?

At EKIA, we maintain a very cordial relations with our employees. Furthermore we provide industry standard social benefits such as:

  • Free Transportation
  • Free Canteen
  • Five-day-week
  • Annual health check

Furthermore you will:

  • get your personal career plan
  • be involved in decision-making-processes
  • work self-responsible
  • get trainings at our corporate headquarters in Germany
  • build your personal ElringKlinger-network
  • stay in contact with our engineers in Germany
  • be part of a global team that serves the whole Indian market

Currently we are planning to introduce a mediclaim facility to the employees who retire from the services of company.


ElringKlinger Automotive Components (India) Pvt. Ltd.

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